Deep Shampooing

Best Way To Clean Your Couch

Good bye smell & stains!

Don’t let the dirt and stains reside in your sofas and mattresses for a long time. If you see it treat it! Don’t wait until it’s unfixable. It’s time to shampoo those long due stains and marks. Involves shampooing and application of effective and efficient cleaning solution in targeted areas. This is best for stains, evident marks, and spillage.

The process involves detailing and thorough process of vacuuming using high suction guns to absorb the stains and odors within each cloth and linen. It will take 1-2 hours of curing, treating and cleaning with several passes from our Rainbow machine. After the procedure, we will leave your item 80-90% dry ensuring formula and shampoo settles in the body of your item.

  • Busy Bee Cleaning Co. (BBCleaning) recommends: once the stain show or once the odors revolve around your house, it’s time for deep shampooing since deep dry cleaning might not do the job anymore.

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