Welcome Your New Home Right

— Pamper your house on it’s 1st day!

Moving in your new home or office soon? There is a lot more involved than moving a few nails. Schedule a post construction cleaning service which includes dusting, scrubbing, aromatizing and air purification with appropriate cleaning tools and equipment to get the job done.

Post construction cleaning services usually include a wide scope of cleaning tasks. Cleaning tasks can range from a general dusting to the removal and disposal of left dirt and residue from construction including the following:

Intensive Cleaning

Cleaning of floors, textiles, walls in specified rooms with the use of our company’s own cleaning machine, tools and our specially formulated products, the cleaners will clean from left to right so no detail is overlooked.

Bedroom Cleaning

Thorough clean for that good night relaxation and rest. This includes dusting of tables, television stands, cabinet’s exterior, pieces of furniture as well as decorative accessories that are non-fragile. This also includes dusting of baseboards and external of the fan. Wipe down corner to remove cobwebs. Deep dry vacuum one (1) carpet and one (1) bed. Empty and clean waste basket.

Bed & Mattress Cleaning

Giving to your bed a new life to breathe by our specialized deep dry vacuuming the topsheet, undersheet, and the mattress with the use of Rainbow’s high technology system to with the help of nanoparticles removing unseen dustmites and bed bugs that can cause harmful diseases because of dirt. This also includes changing the bed linens provided by client.

Floor Vacuuming & Mopping

Floors are done and dusted with award-winning extensive machines using the power of water to sanitize and clean the area. The rigorous deep cleaning process will make your home look tidy and neat again.

Bathroom Sanitation

Sanitizing the toughest room in your home to maintain pristine and aromatic Includes sanitizing counters, sinks, scrubbing and tidying of toilets, cleaning showers, mopping and washing of floors, wiping down mirrors, and even removing built-up soap scum.

Dining & Living Room Cleaning

Thorough cleaning of many surfaces includes dining table, regular wiping of chairs, furnitures, and decorative.

Kitchen Cleaning

Anything external will be covered through dusting countertops and eliminate crumbs, clean cooktop, clean outside microwave and appliances, clean faucets, and vacuum clean floors.

Air Purification

Step-by-step process with Rainbow © cleaning procedures sanitzing the air from harmful dustimes which causes allergens to react. Airpurification will purify the air from dirt and dustmites drawing them to the machines basin sucking dirt visible in one’s naked eye.


Creating the most aromatic smell you deserve for you home. You’re free to choose a scent of your choice. It will run for a minute or two which will gradually cure the air of your home. Pro-Tip: pick the scent that best relaxes you to give you a healthier, positive outlook everyday. This helps you concentrate much better than your regular days.

Busy Bee Cleaning Co. (BBCleaning) recommends

This service is recommended after post construction.