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90% of your time is spent indoor. You breathe 3,400 gallons of air each day! INDOOR AIR is typically 2-5 TIMES MORE POLLUTER than air outside.
You sneeze, cough maybe even wheeze but you aren’t sure why. Your house seems clean and you don’t see any culprit in the air. Polluted air, dustmites and allergens could be causing that.
Busy Bee can improve your indoor air quality through Deep House Cleaning’s airpurification and aromatization.

There are 600 thousand dustmites on your bed. You stay at least 8 hours in bed everyday.
Disease dustmites cause are allergies, asthma, eczema, and polyps which may give you itch, watery eyes, tearing, nasal congestion, coughs, and sneezing.
Busy Bee can improve your sleep quality with Deep Dry Cleaning or Deep Shampooing of Mattresses, Beds & Sofas.
Ratings and Reviews
Vanessa Pearl Isturis
"Despite having a fullybooked week, they were able to squeeze me in their schedule. They even arrived earlier than expected! Since I was their last client for the day kahit pagod na sila, nalinis pa din nila nang maigi yung unit ko, I really loved the smell of the room after. Amoy-malinis! "
Anen Bernal
"We're very happy and satisfied with the service of Busy Bee! Our cleaners, Ate Rose and Ate Ann are very friendly and courteous. The management is very accommodating as well. Will definitely book them again! "
Leslie Kaye Casorla-Bacalangco
"We are very satisfied with Busy Bee for cleaning our house! They are very nice and thorough as well … I appreciate your business expertise and professionalism.” See you again next time!"
Yasmeen Al Fardy
"I was lucky enough to get a slot, even if I only booked 5 days ago! 😅 I appreciated how the ates kept informing us which places were already done. They even kept a light conversation all throughout, which was pleasant. 🙂 Thank you for your services, Ate Ann and Ate Marie!💛"
Daxe Dela Rosa-Bulos
"My husband was very happy with their service - we tried other cleaning services but Busy Bee has exceeded his expectations (He is a very OC person). Our place feels cleaner and smells so good!
Oh one more thing, they replied very fast! I inquired last Saturday night I was scheduled right away for Sunday afternoon. Good customer service! :)
We will highly recommend Busy Bee !"
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