Deep House Cleaning
In a nutshell, almost every nook and cranny of your home will get special attention with extensive routine of deep cleaning from sweeping, brooming and vacuuming of floors, wiping of areas, mattress and sheet vacuuming, bathroom sanitation, aromatizing (a scent of your choice), and air purification to keep the dust mites away. This is best for cleaning of standalone houses, apartments, condos, commercial spaces and different spaces.

> Deep Cleaning
> Intensive Cleaning
> Removal of Mattress Dust mites
> Floor Vacuuming & Mopping (w/ use of Water Powered Machine)
> Bathroom Sanitation
> Air purification
> Aromatizing (Choose from a selection of scents)
> Bedroom Cleaning (Mattress Revamp)
> Carpet Cleaning (w/ use of High Suction Vacuum)

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Deep Dry Cleaning
Keep your mattress/sofas clean, dry vacuumed and scented all the time. Savor the comfort each time. Best for linen/leather sofa, mattress, and removal of dirt, mites, and residue on targeted areas.

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Deep Shampooing
Don’t let the dirt clint to your sofas/mattresses. It’s time to shampoo those long due stains and marks. Involves shampooing and application of effective and efficient cleaning solution in targeted areas. This is best for stains, evident marks, and spillage.

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Post Construction Intensive Cleaning
Moving in soon? There is a lot more involved than moving a few nails. Schedule a post construction cleaning service which includes dusting, scrubbing, aromatizing and air purification with appropriate cleaning tools and equipment to get the job done.

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