Nov 13,2020

50 Fun Home Activities For Your Kids

by Busy Bee Admin

School is cancelled, you’re working from home, everyone is practicing social distancing. That’s the current reality we’re facing. You and the kids can easily fall into the habit of wearing pajamas all day, staying in bed, and being unproductive.

With the kids being around more often, make this time count with activities that will surely make this a summer to remember. We’ve listed down 50 ideas that will help you sail through the summer months with heaps of fun and laughter for the whole family!


Preparing for the Activities

Get supplies ready 

Before your kids go through the activities on the list, make sure you have all supplies ready. These activities don’t have to break the bank; look for materials that are already laying around the house and make the most out of them.

Deep clean the entire house

Children are susceptible to germs & bacteria that can ruin all the fun. Keep your house clean and sanitized by having your home professionally deep cleaned <link> before the summer activities begin.


Ultimate List of Summer Activities


Encourage your kids to be more active and spend some time outdoors instead of long hours in front of a screen. Studies show that outdoor play helps kids keep their immune system strong and makes them become happier children.

  • 1. Ride a bike
  • 2. Play tug of war
  • 3. Play badminton
  • 4. Play kickball
  • 5. Fly a kite
  • 6. Set up a backyard obstacle course
  • 7. Learn a new sport
  • 8. Jog in the morning
  • 9. Play basketball
  • 10. DIY giant bubbles



Getting kids involved in cooking or baking is a wonderful opportunity to instill the importance of healthy food preparation. Introduce some easy, fun, and healthy recipes to start, and gradually increase the complexity as you go along.

Beware: The kitchen is a favorite breeding ground for germs, make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the area first before involving the kids.  

  • 11. Have a picnic in the garden
  • 12. Bake cookies and brownies
  • 13. Have a bake sale
  • 14. Make homemade ice cream
  • 15. Make mini pizzas
  • 16. Make fruit salad
  • 17. Plant a vegetable garden
  • 18. Make a lemonade stand
  • 19. Create a new dish
  • 20. Have a cook off with the family



Summer is the perfect time for your kids to make fun memories with their pets. Studies show spending time with a family pet gives children a greater sense of empathy, and teaches children responsibility.

  • 21. Give the dogs a bath
  • 22. Make a bird feeder
  • 23. Teach the dogs new tricks
  • 24. Clean the aquarium of the fish
  • 25. Play with the yarn ball with the cats
  • 26. Play catch with the dogs
  • 27. Feed pigeons
  • 28. Run with the dogs
  • 29. Leave food outside for stray animals
  • 30. Pack boxes to donate to the shelter



One of the best things about summer vacation is it can be a great opportunity for the whole family to bond without the pressure of the kids’ homework or project deadlines. Maximize this time for some family fun that everyone will enjoy at all ages.

  • 31. Put together a puppet show
  • 32. Host a board game night
  • 33. Have a garage sale
  • 34. Wash the car
  • 35. Host an outdoor movie night
  • 36. Have a bonfire at midnight
  • 37. Have a sleepover
  • 38. Finish a 500-piece puzzle
  • 39. Watch all Harry Potter movies
  • 40. Make homemade soap


Arts & Crafts

Kids who are exposed to creative outlets such as arts & crafts will help them develop mentally, socially, and emotionally. There are a lot of benefits of arts to children <link article> that will surely make you want to include this in your summer activities.

  • 41. Make a summer scrapbook
  • 42. Fold 1,000 origami cranes
  • 43. Try pottery
  • 44. Tie dye a t-shirt
  • 45. Write a book
  • 46. Hand paint a mug
  • 47. Build with Lego blocks
  • 48. Make slime
  • 49. Put together a light show
  • 50. Learn photography

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