May 15,2023

The Science of Cleanliness: 4 Reasons Why a Clean Home Makes You More Productive

by Busy Bee Cleaning Co

It’s no secret that a clean home is associated with good hygiene and aesthetics, but did you know that it also has a significant impact on your mental health and productivity? Researchers have shown that cleanliness can indeed improve your mood, reduce stress levels, and boost your productivity. In today’s blog post, we explore the Science of Cleanliness and delve into the four reasons why a clean home makes you more productive.



Cleanliness can improve your mood.


A clean home can reduce stress levels. Multiple studies have shown that people who live in cluttered spaces have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who live in clean and organized environments. A cluttered and dirty environment can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed – while a clean and organized home can promote more positive emotions. Investing in a clean home can make you feel more content and satisfied with your living space, creating a sense of pride in where you live.



A clean environment can improve sleep quality.


A cluttered and dirty home not only makes it harder to stay calm and relaxed, but it can also cause allergies and respiratory problems – leading to poor sleep quality. Dust, pet dander, and other allergens can easily accumulate in a dirty home. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that people who make their beds in the morning and maintain a clean and organized bedroom are more likely to get a good night’s sleep. By cleaning and dusting your home regularly, you can help reduce indoor pollutants and improve your home’s overall air quality – creating a more conducive sleeping environment.



Organization = motivation.


Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to stay motivated to clean and organize your space when it’s already clean and organized? That’s because a clean home can help increase motivation and productivity. When your space is tidy, it gives your brain more freedom to be creative and generate new ideas. 


Even the act of cleaning and organizing your home itself can give you a sense of accomplishment, which can boost motivation levels. According to a study published in the Journal of Psychological Science, people who engaged in cleaning activities felt more motivated afterwards and are less likely to procrastinate. That’s because when we complete a task, our brains release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and motivation. When you see the results of your time and hard work in the form of a clean and organized home, it can help you feel more motivated to complete other tasks and take on new challenges.



Improves overall cognitive function


Our minds have a preference for structure, and visual cues that suggest disorder drain our cognitive abilities, reducing our ability to concentrate and think clearly. One study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that multiple stimuli in our vision field can compete for neural representation in our brains, making it harder to focus on any one thing. 


On the other hand, a clean and organized space means less distractions and less time spent looking for the things you need to be productive with your day – improving cognitive functions and decision-making abilities. 


In conclusion, cleanliness is essential for both our productivity levels and mental health. But with the demands of work, family, and social obligations, maintaining a clean home can sometimes be a daunting and overwhelming task. If that’s the case for you, consider hiring a professional cleaning service that can take care of the job for you. Professional cleaners have the expertise and tools to tackle difficult cleaning jobs, such as scrubbing grout, removing tough stains, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. 


Additionally, leaving the cleaning to the professionals can give you more free time to do the things you really enjoy. Instead of spending your weekends cleaning your home, you can relax and spend time with family and friends, pursue hobbies, or simply rest and recharge. 


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